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June 18, 2012

Labor Day Pork Fest!

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It all started with a stack of cinder blocks and a rusty iron grate, but it was going to be the ultimate pig-roasting barbecue grill in no time! The grate was fashioned by a local welder and made to fit our design – a grill 4 feet by 4 feet constructed of cinder block.

First, using a wire brush and a grinding wheel drill attachment, we removed all of the surface rust until we had clean shiny metal.

Then, we cleaned it off with a soft, damp cloth.

We painted the entire grate, top and bottom, with melted shortening.

We heated the entire grate to season the metal; it turned from shiny to smooth, seasoned black iron, the perfect cooking surface.

Now, we were ready for the true test – the grill is completely assembled, with lava rocks and fire brick lining the bottom, oak logs fueling the fire, and the marshmallows are on the stick ready for the inaugural cooking!

Finally, a complete and functional fire pit!! Now, all that we had to do was just place the meat and the baked beans, stoke the fire, and wait for the magic to happen! In no time at all, we had a grill and a meal in the works! It all made for a fabulous Labor Day picnic!


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