Mom's Diner

July 2, 2012

Riverside North, Charlottesville VA

If you have a hankering for a hot bacon cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions), or maybe a basket of French fries, a pile of fried mushrooms, or some hot and gooey Mozzarella cheese sticks, all hot right off the grill and out of the frier, then Riverside North is the place to go. The food is straight-forward American fare, served made-to-order, hot and fast. The atmosphere is casual and the service is friendly. A great place to go when you need some old-fashioned comfort burgers and fried sides! Don’t worry if there are a few grease spots on your receipt-that’s just a sign of a tasty meal!








March 21, 2012

Cook Out, Charlottesville VA

Finally, a place that sells old-fashioned hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings and thick chocolatey milkshakes (Hershey’s!)! Cook Out has now opened on Emmet Street and what a refreshing change of pace! Milkshakes come in awesome flavors – peach cobbler, snickers, mint chocolate chip- the list is long and makes choosing so difficult. “Sides” include corn dogs and quesadillas in addition to the fries and onion rings. Stop in and have a bite!




December 9, 2011

Let There Be Light

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What a refreshing and innovative Christmas tradition! At PVCC, the community came together to enjoy light art scattered across the dark campus, connected by pathways lit with glowing glow-sticks. One of the displays was a giant anemone shaped plastic sculpture lit up inside-hanging near the top of a two-story building, it looked like a giant ice crystal. Then, there was the Glo-tribal performance with dancers illuminated in green glow sticks. The hot chocolate and fruit breads provided the perfect ending to this holiday tradition. Truly, a community college that invites and embraces the community.


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