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September 25, 2011

Pierce’s Pitt Bar-b-que, Williamsburg VA

Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que has been a Williamsburg institution for over 30 years. We used to come here for the barbecue when it was a walk- up window only, with a steaming barbecue pitt out back, a soda machine for drinks, picnic tables, and a gravel parking lot. Things have changed a bit, but Pierce’s continues to be a roadside attraction with excellent barbecue, albeit now with a full- fledged restaurant, indoor tables, and even a paved parking lot, not to mention the expanded barbecue pitt out back. With it’s bright yellow paint with orange trim, you cannot miss it and you won’t want to once you’ve tasted their tender, spicy barbecue sandwich. The Jumbo with coleslaw is a must, as is the hush puppies, the fries, and the crispy onion rings. If you are not in the mood for barbecue, try the cheeseburger (excellent!) or the kid’s chicken fingers (yum!). Or, if the weather is cold and you need some hot food to warm you up, try the Brunswick Stew or the macaroni and cheese. Whatever you choose, Pierce’s is a must-do stop if you are anywhere near!










August 16, 2011

Grotto Pizza Restaurant, Wilkes Barre PA

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If you are driving through western PA, plan to stop at Grotto’s Pizza for a snack! Their cheese pizza has just the right blend of cheeses, Italian spices, and tomato sauce resting on a crisp and flavorful pizza crust! Add sausage for a spicy touch! And, the wings are a spicy blend of sweet heat and are served hot out of the oven. They even serve gelato if you have any room left! Definitely worth a stop if you are traveling on interstate 81 near Wilkes Barre!





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