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November 4, 2012

Tailgate Grill, Waynesboro VA

If you are in Waynesboro and just really need some comfort food, the Tailgate Grill is the place for you! Seated in its spacious and noticeably sparkling clean dining room, you can choose your favorite burgers and fries. Be sure to try the onion rings and the loaded fries -we fed our whole family with a basket of each! When you are in the mood for a hot, homemade style burger with all the fixin’s, there is nowhere better!








March 21, 2012

Cook Out, Charlottesville VA

Finally, a place that sells old-fashioned hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings and thick chocolatey milkshakes (Hershey’s!)! Cook Out has now opened on Emmet Street and what a refreshing change of pace! Milkshakes come in awesome flavors – peach cobbler, snickers, mint chocolate chip- the list is long and makes choosing so difficult. “Sides” include corn dogs and quesadillas in addition to the fries and onion rings. Stop in and have a bite!




September 24, 2011

McDonald’s, Exit 94, Waynesboro VA

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Sometimes, you just need a Big Mac. You know the kind – two freshly cooked hamburger patties with that slightly salty and beautifully orange American cheese dripping shredded lettuce and generously dressed with special sauce on a soft, warm bun with hamburger pickles just to make it all official! It is an American classic, and when done well, it cannot be beat. Add hot, thin, crispy fries, a glass of ice tea and you are set. Fortunately, the McDonald’s at Exit 94 can deliver just that. So, for that rainy day drive to a far away conference, if you are near Exit 94, stop in to relive what McDonald’s used to be, and can still be every once in awhile.


September 21, 2011

Wright’s Dairy Rite, Staunton, VA

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Step back in time at this authentic 50’s drive-in where you can still get car service or choose to eat inside while listening to the large red juke box that plays continually in the corner! Have the classic patty melt or perhaps the chicken basket with fries, buttered rolls, and coleslaw. Add some cheese sauce for dipping your fries and some ranch dressing for your chicken fingers and you are set for a true drive-in comfort meal. Save room for dessert, the hot fudge cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream is the perfect ending ( and, big enough to share!).







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